Route 66 Labs works with multiple brands either as a brand ambassador or full on distributor. We have agreements in place with any of the brands below.

We update this list often and its often the easiest way to hand someone ONE card!

You can always Contact Us to discuss any of these brands or even a brand of your own.

Working with the team from Trojan Horse Cannabis Route 66 Labs is an affiliate and brand ambassador for these products. Recognizing hemp derived Delta 9 THC can be sold in places most people overlook we are pioneering new avenues for them.

Route 66 Labs is a licensed affiliate of Trojan Horse Cannabis. For consumers use the promo code “WAXY” to get an additional 20% off at checkout.

Representing High Spirits in New Mexico we are helping drive hemp derived Delta 9 products into new venues. With the federally legal hemp designation we are actively approaching venues that can not qualify for a cannabis consumption lounge. (Restaurants, Casino’s, Event Centers, and more.)

Route 66 Labs is a licensed affiliate of High Spirits, a 3mg hemp derived beverage offered by Trojan Horse Cannabis. For consumers use the promo code “WAXY” to get an additional 20% off at checkout. For wholesale distribution Contact Us.

Working with the team at Waxy Brown LLC we helped develop the logo, packaging, marketing, and website for this cannabis cleaning product. *Route 66 Labs is a fractional owner of the brand as well.

Waxy Brown Wax Off is a cleaning solution for dab users. Route 66 Labs is part owner as well as a distributor for this product.

Wilfred Brand CBD & Hemp is a full line of hemp based products with Delta 8 as well. Jason Gann, aka Wilfred, is the direct point of contact for these products and distribution.

Working directly with Jason Gann, the Australian actor from Wilfred on FX, we help get Wilfred brand products into new locations. We are also helping to shape the future of their marketing plans and future roll out of new products.

Working with the former Undersecretary of Agriculture from Ecuador for the past few months Route 66 Labs is now the exclusive US vendor for CannaBeFest!

Route 66 Labs is excited to also be the US Liaison for this international convention. So, if your spanish isn’t up to speed, you don’t have to worry about it!

If you’d like information about becoming a vendor, exhibitor, or attending the event please fill out the form below. You’ll get access to the PDF and our team can follow up with you to answer any questions.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA