Route 66 Labs is a marketing and branding firm that takes a slightly different approach to our craft. We approach every project with the blinders off and actively look for creative solutions to common problems.

“Thats the way we’ve always done it” can be the kiss of death in a marketplace that is constantly changing. Add to that changing guidelines and rules for some platforms and “traditional” marketing doesn’t have the same impact it once did.

For more than 20 years Route 66 Labs was at the tip of the spear for both good and bad marketing efforts. We bridge the gap between marketing intentions and actionable sales techniques.


Hannibal Barca, a Carthaginian general, was once asked how he was planning on invading Rome. The city was so well defended nobody dared to try.

Hannibal’s response…

"I'll find a way, or I'll make a way."

He “made his way” by riding african elephants through the alps with his army.

At Route 66 Labs, we’ll find a way or we’ll make a way…probably without the elephants.


We’ve come to realize that a majority of the companies we work with in various capacities lack effective web presence. So, we dusted off the tools from a previous life and got back in the saddle for the right products.


Over the years we’ve worked with several different companies that lead to relationships as either a “Brand Ambassador”, Affiliate, or Direct Sales. These relationships work well as we can help expand market reach across the country and around the world!


"Hemp Guy"
Waxy Browns Flower Power Hour

As the “Hemp Guy” on Waxy Browns Flower Power Hour I call in each week to our FM Radio show. As one of the first hemp/cannabis FM radio shows we live stream to 75,000+ people around the world. We also are much of the driving force behind cannabis culture in Missouri.


*Recommend you listen to the video above with sound.

Event Production &

Early in 2022 I was asked to do video production as well as facilitate the live stream of speakers for the Cannabis Science and Industry Congress in Costa Rica. Working with experts from around the world and overcoming language barriers as well as algorithm issues with YouTube we were able to put on the first cannabis and hemp conference in Costa Rica. The team who put on the conference were working with the government to put into place their legal market for hemp and cannabis and even announced legalization in conjunction with our event.

The Gortach of Missouri

As part of an event we created a folklore monster in the hemp/cannabis space. The Gortach of Missouri is the embodiment of cannabis prohibition. 

When the event had to be rescheduled we pivoted and wrote, directed, filmed, starred in, and produced an entire documentary. The end result is a feature length “Mocumentary” that is essentially Cheech & Chong meets Blair Witch.


Podcasting has become a great way to connect with audiences around the world. The challenge is producing a quality product that gets viewers.

Route 66 Labs not only produces a weekly live stream for the Waxy Browns Flower Power Hour, but provides graphic elements, coaching, technical assistance, and more to podcasters across the US.

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA